What’s A Carb To Do?


I have a little confession.  I just happened to like this title; it just made me smile.  But there was this nagging question: What will the post be about?  Such a small thing, I know, but quite necessary.

And, then I had a little chat.  Isn’t ti great how that happens?  And, the chats do happen whether they are with my co-worker Jenny or others.  I don’t make them up; not sure that I could.  Okay, I could, but they would be quite fake and I am sure you, my very smart reader, would see through such blatant artifice.  (There’s a word I have never used in a written sentence – artifice. Feel free to use it any time you want.)

Early this week I happened to take something to a client’s office.  I needed a bit of help with the items, and wouldn’t you know it, anyone who could help me was at lunch.  But, there was a temp working there who said to just give them ten minutes and someone would be free to help me.  What was I going to do?  Wait, of course.

At the temp’s invitation I sat in the office and we began to chat about this and that.  I normally ask others about what they do, etc., because I learn so much.  But, this temp, not k owing the rules of conversations with me, started to ask me about what I did; did I like my job; what other things I did.  Hey, these are my questions to ask you, I was thinking.

I mentioned that I write about Diabetes.  Boom!  She started to tell me about her, “…friend who gets some really high glucose readings.  Like 400.”  That got my attention.

“That’s pretty high for anyone; dangerously high,” I replied.

“I know.  And, my friend does not eat any junk food.  No candy or potato chips or anything like that.”


“Yeah. And, she just has these huge swings in glucose.”

I began to wonder if we were talking about her friend, or her, but I let that go.

“You know,” I began, “it’s not just junk food that can cause higher glucose.  Does your friend eat rice, potatoes, breads, and pasta?”

The temp nodded yes.  I may have hit upon the problem.

“Those foods are high in carbs.  Carbohydrates turn into glucose which just hangs around in the blood of diabetics.  If your friend eats those foods and checks her levels before bed, chances are she will see a higher number than she wants to see.”

“I love carbs, but am on a lower carb diet.  Not a low carb diet; lower carb.  I eat between 45 and 55 carbs per meal with snacks of about 15 carbs.”

The temp nodded.

“It’s worked for me.  I started with an A1c…” She knew what the A1c measured, understood where I started and appreciated where I was.  I gave her the web address for her friend.

Now, my point here is that carbs are in foods that we don’t always consider junk foods.  Actually, they exist in just about everything because we need them for energy; our body uses carbs to make glucose which is used for fuel so we can do what we do during a day.  Make sense?

The trouble comes when we eat more carbs that we need or use.  Which is why for me eating a lower carb, or moderate carb diet works really well.  I eat what I need to fuel my body.  Will it work for you?  I don’t know.  Your ‘mileage may vary.”  You might eat fewer or more carbs.  Using a food journal will help you find out – and, wouldn’t you know it, I have one for you right here.

You are fighting a war when you are battling Diabetes.  You are fighting your War On Diabetes and you can win.  I really want you to win; I know you can control the disease.  It takes a bit of courage because Diabetes is not for wimps.

You are not a wimp.  You can control the disease.  I know it.

Here’s another article about Diabetes and Diet from Joslin Diabetes Center…very informative.  The right diet for you will help you control Diabetes and lose weight, if you need to do so.

As always, thank you for reading.


I am not a doctor or health professional. I am just a guy who is working everyday to control Type 2 Diabetes. My goal is to offer hope, help and solutions for day-to-day living for the diabetic. The disease can be controlled. It can be managed. And, you can do it!

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3 comments on “What’s A Carb To Do?
  1. beetleypete says:

    Unrelated to Diabetes, when I worked for the Police in London, we had a definition of a type of crime as ‘Burglary Artifice’. This is where someone pretends to be from the Water Company, or some other authority, and enters the house on this pretext, only to steal items.
    I typed this word for so many years, I almost came to disregard its meaning.

    Good advice about the carbs as well Phil! Regards from England, Pete.

  2. Thank you. I love it. Gaining entry under false pretenses.

    Thank you, as always.


  3. Aside from a food journal, one shouldn’t overlook testing one’s BG. If we don’t test, we won’t know how certain food, especially those with carbs, affects our BGs.

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