What Do I Eat?

My "helper." Not to be eaten, just to be clear.

My “helper.” Not to be eaten, just to be clear.

So, here I am sitting and starting out a new post.  In my lap is my faithful helper, Missy, purring away.  That’s her job, after all.  Well, she has a couple of jobs, but sitting in my lap is definitely one of them…that and trying to help me type, which she is still not very good at doing.  And, just to be clear – I would NEVER eat Missy.

As I wrote yesterday, it’s time for me to be a bit more aware of  my diet; to think about what I eat.  While my body loves being about 7 pounds over-weight, my doctor loves it when my BMI is 24.9.  As of this moment, it’s 25.6,  So, there’s not a lot to lose, but I have it to do. How?  By sticking a bit closer to the diet I do best on.

The diet I do best on?  Yeah.  I do better when I eat a bit less and I keep my meals to about 50 – 55 carbs.  The right foods sustain me very well, work to keep my glucose in line and satisfy hunger.  So, what does my diet look like?  I don’t ever think I’ve been real specific about what I eat.

Dinner tonight was simple because I was on my own.  Wife was gone.  It was just the cats – yes there are more than just Missy, a dog (who I am sure I will write about later at some point), and me.  Dinner consisted of a left-over tri-tip sandwich., raw broccoli, iced tea and 7 grapes.  That’s right – 7 grapes.  You have to stick to portion sizes if you are going to count carbs.

The bread in my sandwich was a high quality whole wheat that is baked in smaller loaves and as a result cut into smaller slices than a lot of the bread on the market shelves.  It’s really easy to over-look if you aren’t busy reading labels.  Not only does it have a bunch (technical term for ‘a lot’) of good things in it, it tastes great.  Taste is really important to me.  Why eat it if it doesn’t taste good, right?  Carbs from bread – 26.  But it says 15 carbs per slice, where do I get 13 per slice?  I subtract the dietary fiber carbs because they just go through you.

I used a bit of humus to spread on the bread.  Adds wonderful flavor for about 3 carbs.

The tri-tip was great.  About 4 ounces and the nutritional guides tell me there are no carbs.

Raw broccoli.  I eat this stuff like I used to eat potato chips.  Okay, not quite the same thing (who am I fooling?), but it’s a lot better for me.  I usually eat it raw and have a cup of it.  That’s a lot of broccoli for only about 6 carbs.

And, I dare not forget the green seedless grapes.  I ate seven of them.  They provided something sweet and just sounded great! Carb count is about 8.

Beverage of choice is unsweetened iced tea – something I just have learned to accept and used flavored tea bags to make. Zero carbs.

So, let’s see: 26 + 3 + 6 + 8 = 43 carbs, and my hunger was truly satisfied.

Whether you are trying to control weight or Diabetes, or both, what you eat is incredibly important.  You can’t fight either without a change in diet – and that change does not have to be painful or a punishment.  I don’t miss some of the foods I used to eat, like potato chips; not eating them is not a punishment. It’s just the way I live if I am going to be successful in fighting my War On Diabetes (and weight).

I write about the importance of the right diet so much, I thought it important to provide an example of what works for me. Will it work for you?  Talk with your doctor.  Don’t be afraid to experiment a little.  Trust me, your glucose numbers will provide near instant feedback as to what works and what doesn’t.

Yesterday night I had home made tacos in soft corn tortillas – three of them.  Total carb count was about 45 for the meal.  You see, the food I eat is not only tastes great, but has a lower carb count.

Diet is one of your most potent weapons in your War – USE it.  I use a lower carb diet. Talk with your doctor and discover what will work for you.

Good intro to carb article.

American Diabetes Association and carb counting.

As always, thank you for reading.


I am not a doctor or health professional. I am just a guy who is working everyday to control Type 2 Diabetes. My goal is to offer hope, help and solutions for day-to-day living for the diabetic. The disease can be controlled. It can be managed. And, you can do it!

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2 comments on “What Do I Eat?
  1. beetleypete says:

    Sounds as if you really take your diet seriously Phil, and that can only be a good thing. I have to balk at munching raw broccoli though. I do like it, in small amounts, but it does have to be cooked, for me to want to eat it. The tacos sound good though, as we rarely eat them in England, except in Mexican restaurants.
    Regards from England as always, Pete.

    • Pete,

      I do have to watch what I eat for a couple of reasons. I have found that there is a very careful balance between what I eat, my exercise level and glucose control. If anything gets out of balance, it effects the other two. Remember that I don’t take any meds for the Diabetes, which was NEVER a goal of mine – it just happened as a result of what I was doing – diet and exercise – and my doctor told me it was time to take me off of meds.

      So, I really do take my diet seriously – it’s one of my basic weapons.

      By the way, try making tacos at home – they are really better than the ones you can get in a restaurant. Let me know if you want to know how we make them. It is sooooo easy!

      As always, thank you.


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