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News and Views

It’s Friday!!!!  How great is that? And, since it’s Friday, that means another installment of News & Views.  Are you sitting on the edge of your seat?  There is so much going on this week that I have to get right to it.

Coffee Consumption Reduces Risk of Liver Cancer, Analysis Suggests  “Coffee consumption reduces risk of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the most common type of liver cancer, by about 40 percent, according to an up-to-date meta-analysis published in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology, the official clinical practice journal of the American Gastroenterological Association.”  I know, I know…there have been so many articles about coffee in the last few years, but this one comes from a well respected and known organization.  Just think, that morning cup of coffee might just be protecting your liver from cancer…maybe.  Interesting reading.

New Nutritional Guidelines from the ADA.  “The American Diabetes Association recommends all people living with diabetes make nutrition therapy a part of their diabetes treatment plan, but emphasizes that there is no single eating pattern that is best for everyone…”  Each one of us is essentially a chemical factory and are unique.  Sure, there are some common sense ‘rules’ like don’t drink sugar sweetened drinks, but there is some latitude, as well.  Which is why you have to maintain a food journal or diary especially in the beginning of your fight – to find out how different foods effect you.  And, I will let you in on a little secret – it changes over time so every once n a while you have to examine what you are eating if you see a rise in your glucose readings or experience a weight gain.  And, if one article isn’t enough, here’s another.


There’s An Ap forThat.A round up of the best and most current apps for diabetes presented at this year’s American Association for Diabetes Educators (AADE).”  Apps are a part of life for a lot of folks, and there are a number of apps for helping to control Diabetes.  Read about some of the best of breed.

Non-Invasive Method for Measurement of Glucose. Integrity Applications, an Israeli company, has developed a non-invasive method to measure glucose levels in the blood and received the European CE Mark for it. The device is yet to make it to market, but we had the opportunity to speak with Avner Gal, CEO of Integrity Applications, regarding their latest technology and what makes their product unique.” To tell the truth, sticking myself to get a drop of blood is not a big deal – I discovered how to do it painlessly.  But, I know for some it is…well…a pain.  This is just the beginning for non-invasive methods; so many are being worked on as you read this.  This article shows progress is being made…rapid progress.

sleeping puppy and kitten

Sleep Duration Linked to Chronic Conditions “…Now a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) further underscores the association, finding that too much or too little sleep is linked to a variety of chronic health conditions.” News Flash: Diabetes is a chronic condition in that it will be with you the rest of your life.  That’s just a fact.  Too little or too much sleep has an effect on the disease.  When I don’t get enough sleep, which is most of the time, it seems, my glucose does tend to rise until I can get myself adequately rested.  Yes, I wrote about it just over a year ago…which kind of amazes me.

Diabetes can lead to blindness. “Check out the amazing infographic* below. Nobody likes to think about diabetes leading to blindness, but of course it can.”  The short story here is that every diabetic should have their eyes checked annually. Find a good doctor and see them!

So much this week…and there is more.  Take a look for yourself.

Fight your War On diabetes.  Fight and win – you can control the disease.

As always, thank you for reading.


I am not a doctor or health professional. I am just a guy who is working everyday to control Type 2 Diabetes. My goal is to offer hope, help and solutions for day-to-day living for the diabetic. The disease can be controlled. It can be managed. And, you can do it!

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One comment on “News & Views
  1. beetleypete says:

    Good stuff Phil, and the coffee/liver cancer segment was interesting to read. Have a good weekend. Regards from England. Pete.

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